panel development update

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Wed May 11 18:43:30 CEST 2005

Jasper Huijsmans schrieb:

>People seem to be rather busy with other stuff at the moment -- except
>Mickaël and Juha; keep up the good work, guys! Anyway, I finally added 
>something to the panel again, so here's an update.
>First of all, drawing of the new panel widget should now be flawless, no more
>strange edges or missing borders. Please let me know if you still see
>something wrong with the latests svn code.
>Secondly, I decided to make a bit better use of the new panel widget and added
>an option to make the panel full width. At the same time I added two plugins
>that can make use of this feature: a tasklist plugin and a flexible space
>plugin; both will expand with the panel.
>I also have been experimenting a little with creating out-of-process plugins
>using GtkPlug/GtkSocket. It seems to work nicely. I also tested a customize
>mode; this makes it easy to drag items around, even when they are external
>plugins. No code to show you yet though.
>Progress on the design for the 4.4 panel has been a bit slow, because I don't
>have much time. Apart from the plugin design I need to think hard about the
>user interfaces that are needed to properly use and configure the new
>features, especially access to configuration for multiple panels (possibly on
>multiple monitors), customizating panel contents and the interaction with MCS 
>settings. Ideas and suggestions are welcome, send them to me or, even better, 
>add them to the wiki.
>That's all for now ;-)
> Jasper

Hey Jasper.

Like most of the others, I love the new panel, too. Since I used the
mini command line plugin and that doesn't work anymore, I'm asking myself
how much of the plugin system has changed. Some plugins (like the mixer, for
example) still work. Did you test the others?


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