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Wed May 11 01:12:16 CEST 2005

Le Tuesday 10 May 2005 à 08:06, Jasper Huijsmans a écrit:


> Ouch. I'll check that.

Thx for fixing that.

>>>* position of popup arrow button is no longer configurable.

>> I really miss that, for a pure esthetical reason.

> I don't think I'll add this one back, sorry.

I can find other arguments. Arrows at the right of the launchers:

- make identifying the corresponding button less intuitive
- use a lot of more space. It makes my panel so laaaarge, that it does
  not fit the screen on my lappy anymore
- are really different from arrows in the back or forward buttons in a
  browser; I don't see the analogy
- make the action of opening the menus successively more difficult,
  especially when using a laptop touchpad, since the arrows are not side
  by side (and require 2 clics :P)
- may not fit some Xfce users preferences (some Xfce screenshots show
  that I'm probably not the only one using top arrows)
- do not look Xfceish 
- severely harm Fuzzbox sleep quality

Couldn't that be a per-launcher setting? ie adding the option in the
properties dialog of each launcher, near its position in the panel?

BUG1: the switch from the horizontal to the vertical position doesn't
work (until you change another setting like the size of the panel). 
BUG2: the panel loses its sticky state when switching from horizontal to
vertical mode.

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