Panel Feature Request

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Sun May 1 01:00:41 CEST 2005

I'll drop this on the Wiki if you like Jasper, but it seems like less
a "design" issue than a flat out feature request.

Now that I can have (theoretically) more than one instance of the
panel, I'd like to have floating panels back please. I realize that
autohiding was problematic for floating windows, and that WM hints for
windows that can be docked was also complex, but I know a small but
devoted chunk of users miss this feature desperately.

I personally know two users who moved to Xfce from Gnome because Gnome
2 took away floating panel functionality, and refuse to upgrade Xfce
for that very reason.

I was also thinking that a way around the "Switching Hints" problem
might be to just close one window and start a new one when the panel
becomes undocked from a screenedge. Since applets are out of process,
it's even concievable that applets won't need to be reloaded or
restarted, just communicate with a different window.


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