Multibyte characters in Xffm (was Re: Xfce4-fm crashes)

Daichi Kawahata daichi.k at
Fri Mar 18 22:32:14 CET 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 08:37:21 -0600
Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:

> You do not need to have these services running if you already have
> a windows box on your network (xfsamba does not need them, it uses
> the binaries smbclient and nmblookup).

I've modified smb.conf to be enabled displaying my language, but I
never say I don't have any Windows machine at home LAN, so it's
impossible to access multibyte folder/file name (Shift-JIS/UTF-8)
in Windows, is there any way testing that via samba plugin?

> > I sent screenshots and native encoded directory tree to you
> > directory, take a look at that bottom status line, and if possible
> > test whether attached directory names are displayed properly on
> > your environment (charset is EUC-JP).

> 1-xffm-readable.png: looks ok.
> 2-xffm-unreadable.png: incorrect status line. Does this also happen
> with tree elements beneath the roots?

Now it's resolved, thanks ;)

> 3-xfce4-fm_multi_byte_normal: looks ok.
> 4-xfce4-fm_multi_byte_shroten: definitely wrong. The line should not
> be shortened because it is not even long. 

It still exists, if you want I'll send another samples.


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