Some Xfmedia problems

Robert Kurowski koorek at
Thu Mar 17 22:07:08 CET 2005


I finally managed to find some time for new xfmedia. So I started ...
I have such error:

	+ cd xfmedia-0.7.0
	+ export LANG
	+ unset DISPLAY
	+ aclocal
	+ autoconf
	+ automake -a -c -f --foreign
	doc/C/xml/ HAVE_XSLTPROC does not appear in
AM_CONDITIONAL required directory ./xfplay does not exist
	błąd: Błędny status wyjścia z /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.50248 (%build)

	Błędy budowania RPM-a:
	    Błędny status wyjścia z /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.50248 (%build)
	Error: package build failed. (no more info)

Ofcourse there's nothing about xfplay.

So I skipped autotools in .spec, package build ok but there's some
problem with it. I've started to play some mp3's then I grab one of
windows and move it just a litle bit or eaven more (whatever) and then
after ~1 sec sound stops, when I release window music starts playing

xfce 4.2.1
xfmedia 0.7.0

Robert 'koorek' Kurowski	Jabber:	koorek at

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