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Wed Mar 16 02:57:02 CET 2005

El mar, 15-03-2005 a las 22:41 +0100, Olivier Fourdan escribió:
> Hi all
> Good news, 4.2.1 is on xfce.org (though not yet on
> http://www.us.xfce.org/archive/) and on sf.net for mirrors to pick up
> (yeah, files have changed yesterday, so syncing has to be redone).
> https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?
> group_id=19869&package_id=131509&release_id=312994
> To do:
> Prepare a change log. So, all devs involved in released sw, please
> prepare a short list of changes and bug fixes (with relevant bugzilla #)

For xffm:

--ensure posix.1-1996 compatibility (bug 695)

--fix for crash on opening fstab on solaris: bug 726

--avoid a showstopper gtk-2.4 bug (scaling gdkpixbufs from svg images). 
This is bugzilla 751 report. Not all gtk showstopper bugs from svg 
can be avoided. In particular with office/mobile_phone_01.svg. This 
file will also crash rox

--allow relative paths for icon resolution (xfce4-modules)

--validate utf error messages (bug 737)

--don't quote paths that are already quoted.

--change smb-share icon to proper icon

--fix borked overwrite warning dialog message

--bug fixes for keyboardnavigation to close bug 795

--separate remove and paste button in toolbar to avoid confusing the
remove confirmation dialog with the overwrite confirmation dialog.

--fix translation problems in several languages, including

--fill in some missing spanish translation strings

--fix for bug 524 (crashing xffm by mounting cdrom and trying to open it
in the other treeview before mount is complete).



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