xfdesktop future

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Wed Mar 2 10:06:32 CET 2005

edscott wilson garcia wrote:

>thunar definitely sounds like a name for a lunar filemanager. I cannot
>help noticing that there is not a single letter in common between xfce4
>and thunar. maybe the "loop" you refer to is composed more of lunar
>crowd than xfce?

This is rediculous. Benny can choose any name he wants. For your 
information, there was a lengthy discussion about the name already 
before, and many alternatives were discussed. None of this discussion 
anywhere involved this unlogical semblance, which is purely 
coincedental. Benny decided to stick to thunar because the alternatives 
were not worth the change and the project had already started up.

>Anyways, until Olivier announces the lunarization of xfce, the project
>is still xfce. Unless hijacked, AFAIK, this is his project. 

Is something bothering you?


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