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Benedikt Meurer benny at
Fri Jun 24 12:30:32 CEST 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> Benny and I have already talked about this, briefly.  Unfortunately,
> there's going to be a limit to code sharing, since
> ThunarDesktop{View,Model} is going to depend on a lot of Thunar-ish
> stuff.  I don't recall, but I think Benny's planning on putting the
> ThunarVFS stuff in a library, so, if that's the case, that can be
> shared.  The desktop handling code itself probably can't be quite as
> much.  To fit into Thunar well, the deskop portion is probably going to
> have a bunch of stuff in it that doesn't make much sense for xfdesktop.
>  Then again, maybe not.  I haven't had time to think too much about it.

Right, the ThunarVFS stuff will be stuffed into a shared lib. But it 
doesn't include the high-level classes like ThunarFile and ThunarFolder, 
that will be used by the desktop. Then again, I don't see much use to 
export them as well, since if somebody wants a full-featured desktop, he 
will probably use Thunar anyways. If somebody wants just the wallpaper, 
he won't need the file management stuff, and so there's no need to have 
access to the Thunar codebase. So, from my POV, we'll have a 
full-featured desktop manager will all the bells and whistles built into 
Thunar and a simple desktop manager, similar to what xfdesktop is now, 
as separate app for people that don't want desktop icons and stuff 
(maybe the standalone xfdesktop could provide "minimize to desktop" as 
that was requested quite often, tho).

This leaves a minimum codebase to be shared by Thunar and xfdesktop: 
Exactly the code required to create the desktop windows. Everything else 
depends on the use case (Thunar or xfdesktop). I don't see the 
usefulness of a horribly bloated xfdesktop. Users should be able to 
choose between do distinct variants (or of course others like using 
Nautilus, ROX, etc.).

> 	-brian

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