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Erik Harrison wrote:
> How about this
> On 6/23/05, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at> wrote:
> Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

>>>* The .desktop files for separate settings dialogs clutter the menu. I think
>>>  we should only have a desktop file for the settings manager.
>> I strongly disagree.  Now that the menu entries are there for all of
>> them, I almost never open the settings manager proper.  Saving a click
>> here and there is nice.
> We've had some users complain about not labeling our .desktop files
> for settings as being Xfce specific.

Except that all of our .desktop files for settings ARE labeled as being
Xfce-specific, via the "OnlyShowIn=XFCE;" line.

> One guy kept trying to figure out
> how to make the Window Manager configuration option in the menu open
> up a config dialog for Metacity

I believe that corresponds to error code ID-10T.

>>>* Xfdesktop. Brian?
>> I really don't know.  Stuff on my TODO list:
>> * Use Benny's menu system from xfdesktop-ng.
>> * Desktop icon support, reusable for Thunar.
>> * A bunch of random enhancements that are in Bugzilla.
>> I haven't really touched new development on xfdesktop since before
>> 4.2.0.  I don't want to say I'm losing interest in it, but I guess I
>> kinda am.  Xfmedia and Mailwatch have been far more interesting to me
>> lately.  Assuming we don't freeze 4.4 until mid-fall, I'm sure I'll get
>> to at least some of this stuff, though.
>> Perhaps you should collaborate with Benny. Is it possible or a good
>> idea to make desktop handling a gmodule or similar runtime loadable
>> component, so that they can code share? Might also drop some tech
>> support issues trying to figure out whether Xffm, Thunar, or Xfdesktop
>> are manageing the background, if they share a codebase

Benny and I have already talked about this, briefly.  Unfortunately,
there's going to be a limit to code sharing, since
ThunarDesktop{View,Model} is going to depend on a lot of Thunar-ish
stuff.  I don't recall, but I think Benny's planning on putting the
ThunarVFS stuff in a library, so, if that's the case, that can be
shared.  The desktop handling code itself probably can't be quite as
much.  To fit into Thunar well, the deskop portion is probably going to
have a bunch of stuff in it that doesn't make much sense for xfdesktop.
 Then again, maybe not.  I haven't had time to think too much about it.

>>>  - xfce-mcs-manager: perhaps include the plugins and have a special
>>>    command-line option to disable them (to avoid conflicts). Or even a user
>>>    interface to enable/disable any plugin?
>> Yeah, I think xfce-mcs-plugins should be merged into xfce-mcs-manager.
>> The plugins are (obviously) useless on their own, and I think there are
>> probably very few people that install the manager without the plugins.
>> A UI to enable/disable plugins would be nice, but not really critical.
> xfce-terminal packaged it's own plugin for MCS IIRC, and we are a
> highly modular system. Bundling the plugins with it seems kinda
> foolish, to me. Maybe I'm wrong.

No, you're misunderstanding.  Xfwm4, xfce4-panel, xfdesktop, etc. will
still provide their own MCS plugins.  Only the stuff in the
xfce-mcs-plugins packge (UI settings, mouse settings, keyboard
settings), that don't belong to a specific desktop app, should be merged
into xfce-mcs-manager.


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