Starting apps on the correct desktop with S/N

Ori Bernstein rand_chars at
Wed Jun 22 16:37:40 CEST 2005

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:38:23 +0000
Mickaël Graf <korbinus at> said:

> 13:35 <+ElAngelo> any way... with kde you can specify the position where a certain launcher should open the
>                   application...
> 13:35 <+korbinus> then it's the launcher which do something before launching the app
> 13:36 <+korbinus> it's not the same thing as the WM remember where the app was placed the last time
> 13:36 <+korbinus> then I missed your point :-)
> 13:36 <+ElAngelo> uhu
> 13:36 <+ElAngelo> i think so
> 13:37 <+ElAngelo> i prolly mis-expressed my self :)
> 13:37 <+ElAngelo> as usual :p
> 13:37 <+korbinus> :-)
> So I hope it's clearer now
> /M

Ah. That would be a cool feature that I would never use.

However, a slight variation on that feature would be great - what I'd like
would be launched applications stay on the desktop they were launched from.

To clarify, here's an example:

I start firefox, while I wait for it to load, I switch to another desktop to
continue work in another app.
Firefox pops up on the desktop I'm working on, not where I started it from.

I start firefox. While I wait for it to load, I switch to another desktop to
continue work on another app. When I switch back to the desktop I launched
firefox from, firefox is loaded and waiting for me to use it.

I don't know how easy this is, but it would be a very nice feature.

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