E17 benchmarks

Sami Samhuri sami at no-eff-eks.com
Thu Jun 9 20:44:35 CEST 2005

* On Thu Jun-09-2005 at 11:41:30 AM +0200, samuel verstraete said:
> just tried to adjust the first test... so i made a sequence of 20 up to 200 windows... 
> took an average over 3 test and dropped this in a graph... graph attached (png)

Does anyone really need to map more than 200+ windows per second? And
does anyone need to map 50-100+ windows in quick succession? If so
perhaps they should look into a special WM for that (or E17 I guess,
whatever). For the average xfwm4 user I'm sure this is more than

Perhaps if I used Xfce on an older machine I may feel differently. I have
a few old Pentium-MMXs lying around maybe I will try it out...

Sami Samhuri
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