ANNOUNCE: Xffm release

Marcel Pol marcel.pol at
Thu Jun 9 17:45:51 CEST 2005

Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:

>>Ok, your answer makes it rather clear to me. Just one question; if the
>>libraries are libraries, shouldn't xffm open them with the full name,
>>like instead of
>Actually both "" and "" are just
>symlinks to the real library "". There probably
>is a good reason for this, but I have no idea what it is.
Usually the *.so file is used when an application gets compiled against
the library. Then at runtime it it will load the *.so.2. I assume it's
because at compiletime you don't know which SONAME is available on the
system and you want it to be flexible. At runtime the application does
expect a certain library version, so it can only load *.so.2.
When packaging xffm for Mandriva the .so files were packaged in the
libxffm2-devel package, while the *.so.2 files are packaged in the
libxffm2 package. I could move the devel files in the normal library
package, but it's not the way it should be.

>>Btw, did you send html mail? My mozilla-thunderbird really makes a mess
>>of it. To the point that I would consider switching mail clients.
>AFAIK, I never send html mail. If you received html mail, maybe
>evolution-2.0.4 is buggy because the configuration is set not to.
Ah, sorry. It is text. Thunderbird is really messed up then.

Marcel Pol

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