E17 benchmarks

Olivier FOURDAN fourdan.olivier at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 9 13:10:09 CEST 2005


Xfwm4 computes the best suitable placement for a window before showing it. It basically means that it scans the whole screen, 8pix by 8pix computing the global overlap between every visible window at each iteration.

That benchmark shows nothing at all. If you remove the smart palcement, xfwm4 would probably be a lot faster *for that benchmark*  but would be a lot less usable IMO.

The speed of a window manager doesn't come from its ability to map windows as quickly as possible, but to respond to user (ie resize/move windows).


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> Hi Olivier,
> Just saw some benchmarks by rasterman for E17. Xfwm4 comes out at the bottom,
> far below metacity. That sounds wrong to me. Maybe it's useful, maybe not...
> http://www.rasterman.com
> 	Jasper
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