new server name poll

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Fri Jul 8 12:55:29 CEST 2005

Here are the votes of the Groninger jury:

1) mocha
2) icetea
3) chai*

* what is this anyway?

feel free to choose anything you like and make up voting rules
accordingly ;-)

Op vr, 08-07-2005 te 12:43 +0200, schreef Auke Kok:
> Since we have a few nice suggestions and people are genuinely interested 
> in giving the new server a decent name, I'm setting up a poll for the 
> new name. You should reply to this message with 3 (THREE) choices from 
> the list of names below (no new names). The topmost listed will be 
> considered your first choice, the second second choice etc.
> In all honesty and fairness I will then add a unclear scoring mechanism 
> after the voting has taken place and proclaim a winning name. All 
> submissions and scores will be destroyed at that moment, so you can be 
> sure your vote is treated in the exact same way as all others, and thus 
> fairly.
> here's the list to pick from (sorted alphabetically from right to left):
> icedtea
> icetea
> hottea
> arabiga
> mocha
> cocoa
> robusta
> coffee
> chai
> doppio
> cappuccino
> votes need to be posted and arrived at this mailinglist before 1200GMT 
> sunday the 10th of july. Non-developers votes may be removed and other 
> restroctions may apply ;^)
> sofar
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