Wrong background color in systray using composite extensions

Bernhard Walle bernhard.walle at gmx.de
Thu Jul 7 22:49:31 CEST 2005


* Olivier Fourdan [07.07.2005 22:14]:
> AFAICT, the compositing manager in xfwm4 is very solid. 

I didn't want to criticize your implementation. :)

> All of the
> reports I got have their roots from either X.org (things have improved
> greatly since 6.8.2 though) or from NVidia proprietary drivers (things
> are getting worse on this side unfortunately, so I've reverted to the
> Open Source drivers and dropped the far too unstable NVidia closed
> source drivers myself)
> I would suggest to try the "nv" driver.

Well, "nv" driver has no OpenGL if I'm informed right.

Anyway, I tried it with the "nv" driver and there's the same problem.
Small screenshot attached (I hope that's ok on the list [1.1 kByte]).
The application is self-written (qpamat), but I also reproduced it with

Anyway, I personally would say the problem is not the composite
extension but the systray implementation since I encounter similar
problems sometimes when changing theme color (even if the systray is in
taskbar). But that's from user's perspective, not from developer's.

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