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Thu Jul 7 16:52:33 CEST 2005

On 7/7/05, Svein Halvor Halvorsen <svein-xfce at halvorsen.cc> wrote:
> * Jasper Huijsmans [2005-07-07 11:25 +0200]
> >  There should be a layered system consisting of:
> >
> >  1) Kiosk settings (if applicable)
> >  2) System confifuration
> >  3) User configuration
> :
> >  Using the resource lookup functions in libxfce4util, this should not be hard
> >  to implement. I have actually no idea how many components are already doing
> >  this right. It's probably best to direct follow-up discussion to xfce4-dev.
> * Biju Chacko [2005-07-07 14:59 +0530]
> >  I'd suggest that you file bug reports on this. *Not* working in the way
> >  you describe is definitely broken.
> Unfortunately, I don't know alot about the xfce developement process, how
> to correctly submit a bug report, what format this report should have,
> etc. If patches are expected to come with the report, I would have even a
> greater problem filing such a report.

Patches are great. Patches are not required.

bugs.xfce.org has the Xfce bugzilla. Pretty straightforward.

> I also have little time to spend in actually providing any code. I am
> sorry to take this stand, as I know xfce is all about the voluntary work
> of others, and I'd hate to come along demaning features, and not having
> the opportunity to actually contribute myself.
> As we'd like to have our new desktop environment set up for the next
> semester starting in august, I think we will just do the skel-thing,
> copying in a default setup for new users. Especially since we'd like to
> alter the default focus behaviour as well.
> However, I'd really like to see a system similar to what Jasper suggests.
> I as a sysadmin could just setup my own config, and then just copy my user
> config to the system config dir, and everything would work out nice.
> Best regards,
> Svein Halvor
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