Sponsored server!

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Thu Jul 7 10:48:40 CEST 2005

Yesterday, I have received one 1U server in perfect working order!

That means that the future server of Xfce sponsored by 2X is ready to be 
installed, and I will start installing it ASAP. I've set a virtual 
deadline for myself at august 31st, but hope to finish everything as 
soon as august 1st.

This means that I need to start planning to migrate content and 
databases over to the new machine, and take some decisions on _what_ I'm 
gonna move. I also want to setup some mirroring between espresso and the 
new server so that we have some redundancy and all projects can benefit 
from that, but this is not required.

I'm gonna start a discussion here and propose a solution immediately 
here, to get it all going. If I don't hear about it I assume you all 
agree with me and are okay with it:

1. Name

I'm very lame about names so my proposal is simple: "cappuccino". Other 
coffees are good alternatives, perldude likes "icetea", also "moccha". 
The FQDN would become "cappuccino.foo-projects.org". Even "coffee" would 

2. Services

I want to setup the new server as secundary DNS and SMTP, this way we 
have 2 decent machines, nicely separated, same configuration etc that 
can host the 3 zones and user accounts. I'll have to figure out how to 
handle user accounts, mailing lists etc. (splitting up all users means 
we have to split up the mailinglists, meaning more work, so I'd like all 
mail to end up on espresso and keep that the same for now)

Round-robin DNS would be nice, this way we have 4 'www.xfce.org' 
servers. We should see if it's possible to set this up

As usual, SVN, DAV, HTTP/HTTPS, SSH will be used to host subversion and 
thus the repository needs to be moved and all that comes with that. All 
xxx.xfce.org projects too.

no IMAPS/POP3S, this will stay on espresso, or can be moved at a later 

3. Root access

Since this server sits a tad whee bit far from my house and I don't have 
someone else with physical access to it (like Remco and espresso), I 
need to grant someone root access to be able to do emergency maintenance 
on the console at the spot. I propose JF gets this as his location is 
closest to the machine.

I also wish to give one additional senior Xfce developer root access for 
maintaining stuff like svn permissions, user accounts etc. This gives us 
the same setup on espresso and will make it easy for everyone to figure 
out who can help when a person is on vacation etc. This person needs to 
be found and agreed upon by the Xfce (senior) team, and as with 
lunar/espresso, this is the least important person with root access 
(backup of the backup).

4. Schedule

2 weeks -> installing of all services ready 2 go

  ???    -> transport to Namur, BE (about 300km)

1 week  -> transfer of http domains, mysql db's,
            secundary DNS/SMTP,
            user accounts, setup of rsync to espresso for backup purposes

1 week  -> transfer of SVN repository

I'm gonna start pondering stuff like proper partitioning sizes and 
technical details and see if I can get that worked out today. As usual 
I'll keep you all informed about progress.


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