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Sat Jul 2 00:24:30 CEST 2005

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rootsuid wrote:
>  I have always been a blackbox (and derivations) user, but have
> recently (few weeks?) decided to try xfce again. I really enjoy where
> it is, and where it seems to be going. Only thing I had to modify was
> the panel height ("small" was too big).
>   Anyways, another issue that has been bothering me, is moving
> windows between desktops. In *box, i have always grabbed the window
> and, while holding it with mouse, switched desktops with a hotkey
> (Alt+X). I noticed that didn't work in xfce. If there is a setting or
> small modification for that, feel free to point it out =]. If not,  is
> that functionality planned? or even desired? I had planned on just
> writing it myself, but if its already in the development plan, I could
> help, or submit a .patch. Or, very possibly, no one else notices this
> functionality lacking =] in which case I'll just keep a .patch around
> for myself. =p

You have two options here:

1) Enable the option in the WM prefs to allow you to drag windows
between desktops.

2) There's a hotkey for moving an app to the next/previous desktop.  I
don't recall exactly, but I think it's ctrl+shift+home and
ctrl+shift+end.  You can configure this in the keyboard shortcuts in the
WM prefs as well.


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