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Sun Jan 30 16:22:51 CET 2005

El sáb, 29-01-2005 a las 18:34 -0800, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:

> > Xfce doesn't have to be a geek toy. The new features added to GTK+ 2.6 
> > have long been present in KDE, and some in GNOME. A few of these 
> > features were moved from the GNOME libraries into GTK+.  GtkIconView 
> > is one,  it's a very useful widget and one that Xffm badly needs (I 
> > believe an icon view for xffm is already being worked on). Trying to 
> > navigate a huge filing system like Linux with a single 
> > expandable/collapsable file tree is cumbersome (very OS/2-ish) and not 
> > very user friendly.  (Sorry, no offence intended.)
> Well, for this specific example, perhaps Xffm should be moved out of the 
> Xfce core and have its own release schedule?  That way, Edscott can 
> depend on whatever makes the most sense for Xffm, and not be tied into 
> the core Xfce desktop's requirements, which, IMHO, shouldn't be complex 
> enough to need too many advanced features.  Something that's considered 
> a "core" should be just that, a core.  Having said that, a desktop icons 
> plugin/extension for Xfdesktop would certainly need some kind of icon 
> view, so the "core" line is a bit blurred.

Bit OT, but xffm does not require more than 2.2 for the iconview, so it
does not have any special requirements in this sense. 

But yes, the xffm treview front-end is much too geeky and not too
appealing to the ordinary user. This should change with a simpler
iconview as the "core" front-end. Local file operations should be core,
maybe not other stuff like smb-network (which can be packaged separately
since it is a plugin).

IMHO, what is or is not "core" should be defined by Olivier, as project
leader. That should resolve the blurriness. 



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