GTK+ target version [WAS Re: new dev branch stuff]

Jeff Franks jcfranks at
Sun Jan 30 08:59:32 CET 2005

edscott wilson garcia wrote:

>Don't need 2.6 for the iconview. The latest cvs already has small and
>fast implementation, gtk-2.2 compatible. Also, the treeview within gtk-2
>is slow and buggy, with tons of extra bloat you cannot get rid of, so
>for the next release the default will probably the faster iconview.  
>>Xfce has a lot going for it and deserves a wider audience. Xfce 4.2 got 
>>some very good write-ups because of the improvments you guys made. I 
>>think targeting GTK+ 2.6 would be a good for Xfce in the long run, 
>>especially xffm. 
>No offence here, but you could check out the current CVS development
>status before making a claim like the above about xffm. 
Most everyday users tend to use the latest stable release, not CVS 
modules. Talking as a user, I was referring to the latest stable 
release, 4.2.0, which if I'm not mistaken has no icon view. Many 
distributions (FC3) are still using 4.0.6. FC4 will most likely use 
4.2.x so it could be a 1 to 2 years before your CVS module ever reaches 
main  stream. By that time GTK+ 2.6 will really be old.

The point I wanted to make was - Xfce is currently at the beginning of 
what could be a long 4.4 development cycle. I think it is more realistic 
to target the latest stable GTK+ release at the beginning of that 
development cycle because come the end, that latest release will have 
been superseded, twice. XFce 4.2 targets GTK+ 2.2, but 2.6 is now the 
latest release. I think there are seveal good features and improvements 
in 2.6 that Xfce could make use of. That was all.


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