Slow xfrun, [was: new dev branch stuff]

Antonio SJ Musumeci bile at
Sun Jan 23 16:48:41 CET 2005

a.out can be linked dynamically. elf can be linked statically. ld doesnt 
"fall back" to static if it cant find the dynamic library. Nor the 
opposite. cpp is the C preprocessor... not the c++ compiler.

edscott wilson garcia wrote:

> Whether ld chooses static or dynamic would also depend on the executable
> output format as well. a.out cannot be linked dynamically, elf format
> can. The default is probably chosen on the output type, static for a.out
> and dynamic for elf (and falling back to the .a file if the .so file is
> not present). The language choice could be made by ld if called from cc
> or cpp or f77 (I never invoke ld directly myself), but I've never
> checked this on point (although I eventually will, just out of
> curiousity).
> regards,
> Edscott
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