Slow xfrun, [was: new dev branch stuff]

Mihai Bazon mihai.bazon at
Fri Jan 21 17:09:30 CET 2005


Actually gmrun is implemented as a replacement for a GtkEntry (that
is, it's a full new widget; I called it GtkCompletionLine).  It's main
purpose is to allow file completion from $PATH or from filesystem,
maintains history and allows history search pretty much like bash, and
it emits some custom signals when certain keys are pressed (i.e.
ENTER, CTRL-ENTER, etc.).  The main function catches those signals and
do the actual "execute" task.

So I believe that it should be pretty simple to integrate.  It's main
problem is that it uses a lot of static variables (I was in a big
rush) so most probably 2 GtkCompletionLine-s won't run well together
in the same app; for the purpose of a run application, this limitation
was OK.

Anyway, I'm awfully busy so I couldn't work on it for now :-( OTOH,
gmrun is doing well for me and I don't need xfrun.  :-)  Should you
decide to take a look, the main page is at

And, how do you link static?  I tried with LDFLAGS="-static" but it
doesn't work (lots of error at link phase); have to admit, I didn't
dig it too much.

Best regards,
Mihai Bazon,   [ applied web standards ]

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