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Thu Jan 20 00:03:08 CET 2005

Some comments:

El mié, 19-01-2005 a las 22:20 +0100, Benedikt Meurer escribió:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> > Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> > 
> >> My personal vision for Xfce was always to make it
> >>
> >>  (a) "just work"

If something does not work on some unix system for xfce, somebody should
report it to xfce4-dev, or contribute a patch. This is called "Law of
supply and demand". If there is no market for a product, don't waste
time. If nobody reports a potential problem for xfce, say in winXP, then
it's not worth fixing. 

> >>  (b) "easy to use"

Neither a tractor trailer nor a Ferrari are easy to use, but most people
would prefer a Ferrari over a Hyundai, but they buy the Hyundai (or Fiat
or VW or similar). Making things "easy to use" is especially difficult
since people tend to overlook things regarded as obvious. Things which
are obvious to developers are not necessarily obvious to the layperson.
As for me, KDE and GNOME can be the Hyundai. I'll settle for the

> >>  (c) "lightweight"

IOW, "quick response". OTH, the memory "lightweight" criteria you deem
stupid, is not obtuse at all. If applications consume too much memory,
they will quickly bog down the entire system, given a sufficient number
of them. And there goes the "quick response" down the drain. Of course
being memory-lightweight is not much an advantage without quick response
either. Both issues must be addressed simultaneously.

> >>  (d) "advanced" (this is least important, IMHO)

Entirely agree with you on your exposition on this point below. We
should work towards this layer functionality as time permits. 

Anyways, I can understand your feelings after all the hard work you put
in for the release. And I just want to let you know we all appreciate
your work greatly, even though most of us are too busy to say thank you.

Thank you, indeed.


edscott wilson garcia <edscott at>

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