new dev branch stuff

Eduard Roccatello eduard at
Wed Jan 19 22:54:45 CET 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 10:02 +0100, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> > 1) what's our new gtk target for xfce 4.4?  gtk 2.4?
> > 
> If we plan for august, which was mentioned on IRC, then maybe we could aim for
> 2.6 even?
I agree. If august is out target i'm for gtk 2.6.

> I don't think named pipes or e.g. X messages are necessarily bad. Still a good
> question though. For xfdesktop alone I wouldn't like to depend on d-bus, but
> if we are going to use if for an improved configuration system, then I'm all
> for it. Benny, what are your plans on that?
I think dbus can be a good IPC system. i agree for its use.

> > 3) autogenerated files in CVS.  they are a pain.  i want to remove 
> > them.  jasper already has for the panel.  jasper is smart.  jasper has a 
> > ph.d.  therefore we should all do as jasper does.  (am i embarassing you 
> > yet?)
no problem with it. Let's remove them :o)

> xfce4-terminal, hmm, difficult, do we want to compete with Terminal?
I really like my term. i've no problem to remove it from cvs if it is
what we want but i'll continue the development as a separate project.

> xfce4-appfinder can also be part of xfce-utils.
ok but i think we are loosing modularity here... too much stuff in one
module. xfce4-appfinder will also be widget for 4.4


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