new dev branch stuff

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Wed Jan 19 10:26:54 CET 2005

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

>That's the easy stuff, now the rest. 
>* xfce-utils
>* xfcalendar
>* xfce4-appfinder
>* xfce4-mixer
>* xfce4-terminal
>* xfce4-toys
>* xfce4-trigger-launcher
>* xfprint
>We have utilities and scripts and user documentation. One thing we could
>do is combine them all into xfce-utils, but perhaps that would be a bit
>too much.
>xfce4-toys should go. The tips can go in xfce-utils and xfce4-eyes-plugin can
>be moved to xfce-goodies. xfce4-trigger-launcher I think should go to
>xfce-goodies as well.
meh.  before reading this last paragraph, i went and typed exactly what 
you said, and then noticed that there.  agreed.  in addition, maybe 
rename xfce-utils to xfce4-desktop?  esp considering that it's kinda a 
"meta-package" with the GDM/xdm scripts in there.  i kinda don't like it 
being xfce- rather than xfce4-.

>xfce4-terminal, hmm, difficult, do we want to compete with Terminal?
well, if we're going to include Terminal, we need to depend on d-bus.  
well, we don't strictly *have* to, since benny said he'll make d-bus 
optional, but i think the d-bus part is one of Terminal's distinguishing 
features - the ability to run only one instance.  benny's put a lot of 
time and thought into Terminal.  not to say that isn't the same for 
eduard and xfce4-terminal, but i think benny's had a bit more time to 
work on his, and it's a bit more mature.  it's of course up to eduard if 
he wants to keep working on xfce4-terminal.

>xfce4-mixer and xfprint both could be separate modules.
yeah - they're outer-core desktop components, but are apps in their own 

>xfcalendar needs a new or additional maintainer and should be part of
>xfce-utils I think.
>xfce4-appfinder can also be part of xfce-utils.
i dunno.  i think they're pretty ok as toplevel modules.  i don't really 
have a strong opinion.

>What do you think?
i think i should already be in bed...


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