ANNOUNCE: Mousepad 0.1.0

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Wed Jan 19 07:25:53 CET 2005

Announcing Mousepad 0.1.0, an extremely lightweight text editor for Xfce. 

Mousepad features a straightforward interface, strong support for
various character sets, and pretty printing of various document types
through Xfprint.

This latest release includes cleanups and minor improvements based on
feedback from the Xfce developers on the 0.0.5 release. Mousepad is
based on the Leafpad text editor, and as such should be stable and
ready for everyday use. However, as with any pre 1.0 release, please
do not use in a production environment.

Comments and suggestions welcome, get it at

New features since 0.5.0:
  * Uses XfceFileChooser, so that all users get the best file selector
provided by GTK+
  * Debugging build available.
  * Internationalization

Known issues:
  * Printing will not work without a CVS version of xfprint, as of this writing.
  * The mousepad.pot file is likely to be incomplete


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