Xfce Text Editor

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Tue Jan 18 17:31:34 CET 2005

Erik Harrison wrote:
>>Definitely, yeah. Erik, let me know if you want to put this into
>>xfce-goodies, and I'll your account to the project.
> What's involved? Do I just need to get a savannah account? If so, I'll
> do so now, and would love to be part of the goodies.

Not at savannah, but at developer.berlios.de.

>>>then you can replace the file selector with XfceFileChooser, and the
>>>about box with XfceAboutDialog (or whatever it's called).  maybe add a
>>Its XfceAboutDialog:
>>(hint, hint! :)
> Can we get a link to the api docs off the website? I knew they existed
> somewhere but I couldn't find them. Using the local copies is
> occasionally a pain for me.

I sent Francois a new 'Development' page last week, but he didn't put it 
online yet. Until then, the link to the API docs is:



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