Xfce Text Editor

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Jan 18 04:47:26 CET 2005

Erik Harrison wrote:

>I have been fiddling with the Leafpad text editor, and now have a
>version for Xfce.
aww, that's so cute ^_^

>I have posted just to the development list because it's
>pretty beta, and because I wanted to know, now that 4.2.0 is out, is
>something like this wanted in the core. for 4.4?
doubtful.  a text editor isn't really "core" in xfce-land.

>Or should it stay
>out? If it should stay out of the core, is it possible to get this
>into xfce-goodies, or is that only for panel plugins?
yeah, this is a definite goodie.  it's just somewhat coincidental that 
we only have panel plugins in there right now (though, IIRC, isn't 
xfce4-artwork in there too?).  actually, the only reason why xfmedia 
isn't in xfce-goodies is because i'm a control freak.

>You can get it here, or at least until my free account with 1and1 runs
>out of bandwidth.
> Please try it and tell me what you think.
looks cool.  starts up way faster than gedit ^_~.  bunch of compile 
warnings though.  i don't think i18n is going to work properly until 
that's fixed.  probably want to add benny's debug macro to m4/ and to 

then you can replace the file selector with XfceFileChooser, and the 
about box with XfceAboutDialog (or whatever it's called).  maybe add a 

and of course, you have to rename it to 'xfpad'.  hehe, j/k.


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