xfce4-panel freeze

Rob Lahaye roblahaye at home.nl
Thu Jan 13 04:20:36 CET 2005

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> Rob Lahaye schrieb:
>> I have compiled xfce_4_2 branch from CVS on my FreeBSD system.
>> I encounter occassional freezes of the the panel; no mouse input,
>> no response whatever and the panel consumes all CPU capacity.
>> So far it has happened about once a day or so.
>> When I kill xfce4-panel application (need to use "kill -9"), and
>> start it again manually, it's fine again.
>> I can't tell as to what degree this is a FreeBSD issue, and how
>> much it is a bug in xfce4-panel.
>> I don't know how I can investigate further. Any ideas?
> The same problem was reported to the list a few weeks ago. It
> obviously didn't get much attention.
> I have these panel freezes as well (4.2 RC3) but I'm unable to
> determine why they are caused.
> All I'm able to report is that the panel freezes occur without
> any user action (except mouseover event, perhaps).

Exactly same here. What is your OS?
It seems to freeze for no reason, at least not a very obvious one.

So I will now compile xfce4-panel with debug options and run it
through the debugger and wait......until a next freeze. Maybe the
debugger can tell me then where exactly it is hanging.

If confirmed by others as well, then this is a serious bug.


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