Fix xfce4-panel manual for 4.2 (mail checker)

Rob Lahaye roblahaye at
Thu Jan 6 17:05:34 CET 2005

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
>>- pop3://user:password at server.
>> + pop3://user:password at server:port.
>> + The port defaults to 110 when omitted. 
>Yup, you are right. Updated, thanks.

You see, the xfce_4_2 branch is useful for tracking down
problems before RCs and releases ;).

>>Two disadvantages of the mailchecker:
>>> 1) Password is in clear text, whenever I pop-up the properties.
>>> 2) I can't add a launcher to the mailchecker.
> What do you mean with (2)?

Well, the mailchecker is also a kind of launcher; when I click
the mailckecker, it launches my mail program (mozilla -mail).
The regular launchers do have a check button "Attach menu to
launcher" in the Item properties dialog.
In (2), I want to say that I miss that check button in the
mailchecker properties dialog. That's all.
> For (1), I don't consider the mail checker to be a very good
> solution at all. In my opinion mail notification is the perfect
> candidate for a notification icon. It can either be done by a
> small mail check daemon, or by a mail client.

Maybe you're right, but it's quite functional right now.


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