How to maintain non-core stuff?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Thu Feb 24 22:32:19 CET 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> Benedikt Meurer wrote:
>> Auke Kok wrote:
>>>> I'd prefer all separate packages to be toplevel modules.
>>> same... it would make no sense to impose a virtual hierarchy in the 
>>> SVN tree, except maybe 'xfce4' for the xfce4 core components. apart 
>>> from that everything should go right under the top.
>> Can we agree on the repository layout suggested by the SVN book 
>> (trunk, branches, tags) then? With everything as toplevel modules? 
>> (somehow I doubt that it will be useful to have a separate xfce4 
>> subdir in the long run, besides that it makes tagging/branching of 
>> full releases somewhat tricky)
> Ok, so I think we're all pretty much agreed that we want to move to 
> svn.  Now, let's actually do it.  Though it's probably best to wait 
> until after FOSDEM.  I'm fine with using the trunk/branches/tags 
> layout.  As for the overall repo layout, I think the consensus is to 
> just do everything at the toplevel, except for the xfce core 
> components.  So we have:
> |-xfce4/
> | +-xfwm4/
> | +-xfce4-panel/
> | `- ... (other core components) ...
> +-xfmedia/
> +-mousepad/
> +-(other xfce-related apps)
> +-xfce4-systemload-plugin/
> +-xfce4-weather-plugin/
> `-(other panel plugins)
> Does that sound like what we want to do?  Do we want to create a 
> subdirectory for the plugins as well as the core?

As said, I don't think the separate xfce4 directory buy us anything. 
Better to have everything as toplevel modules. E.g., lets say I'm a 
translator, then I can just use gvim */po/de.po to update all 

>    -b


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