How to maintain non-core stuff?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sat Feb 19 11:53:43 CET 2005

Back on the non-core stuff topic started by Botsie some time ago, I did 
some thinking about this last night, and I came to the conclusion that 
it would be nice to maintain non-core stuff, that has a strong relation 
to Xfce (like Xfmedia, Terminal, libexo, InstallIt, MousePad) in Xfce 
CVS as well, as a separate toplevel module (maybe xfce-apps or some cool 
name w/o a "xf" or "xfce" in it). This would offer several advantages; 
most importantly, it would open the projects in question to a wider 
range of people. For example, Brian would have direct access to libexo 
for xfmedia, Olivier would no longer think that the installer generator 
is closed source :-), and so on.

This is only for the repository now, there's no need for the application 
to adhere to the Xfce release cycle, or any other commitment for the 
application maintainers.

So, can we agree on this? Opinions?


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