A tiny display manager in gtk ?

Maxime GEORGE-BOURREAU maximegb at free.fr
Tue Feb 8 13:41:50 CET 2005

> xdm would be a good place since it's taken security into consideration 
> and has been debugged for years, however, you would have to take up 
> the entire task of writing the gtk2 code around it and make sure it's 
> safe too.
My idea is a sort of 'point and click' display manager. I don't need the 
network ability of xdm.

> Unfortunately xdm doesn't offer icons at all, so if you really want 
> that you'd need to start from scratch. Personally I just use gdm ... 
> it's lightweighted enough even to start xfce ;^).
With gdm you need bonobo and gconf. It's a bit bloated IMHO.

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