A tiny display manager in gtk ?

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Tue Feb 8 11:18:58 CET 2005


> I like some of the functionnalities of kdm and gdm : autologin, login 
> by clicking on the user's icon.
> But both kdm and gdm needs too much dependencies for a small 
> configuration.
> So I wonder if it is better to start a new display manager from 
> scratch or do a fork of xdm ?

xdm would be a good place since it's taken security into consideration 
and has been debugged for years, however, you would have to take up the 
entire task of writing the gtk2 code around it and make sure it's safe too.

Unfortunately xdm doesn't offer icons at all, so if you really want that 
you'd need to start from scratch. Personally I just use gdm ... it's 
lightweighted enough even to start xfce ;^).

In any case feel free to start a project with interested developers if 
you wish to, project hosting is available at foo-projects.org (hosts 
xfce.org) for any xfce-related project if it's serious.


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