How should XFC actually be integrated into Xfce?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Feb 3 18:55:54 CET 2005


I think the bottom line is: do what you want.  This is your project, and 
you should do whatever is going to be easiest for you.  If you think you 
need a release schedule independent of Xfce, fine, do that.  If you want 
to host it at, fine, let Auke know, and do that.  If you 
want to use Xfce CVS, do that.  I'm thinking we might want to make a new 
toplevel module for this, so that's probably the only thing that would 
warrant further discussion.

Sorry if I'm being short with you - I just feel like you're asking too 
many questions and trying to talk this to death to make everyone happy.  
When all is said and done, the library name doesn't matter.  I imagine 
the same is true for other things as well.  Don't worry about all that 
stuff: just get it done so people can actually start using it.


Jeff Franks wrote:

> Thanks Olivier, Brian,  Biju and Jens,
> There are some things I needed to get your input on but thought I'd 
> better check that everything was still 'go' first.
> How should XFC actually be integrated into Xfce?
> ======================================
> I have two source trees on my hard disk, one that wraps up to GTK+ 2.4 
> (code, docs and tarball/RPM packaging finished), and one that wraps up 
> to GTK+ 2.6 (code finished, just have to update the docs and 
> examples). The XFC source that wraps GTK+ 2.4 is essentially ready to 
> go into the CVS, but first I need to decide on its CVS module and 
> library names. The names used in part will depend on the way in which 
> XFC is integrated into Xfce.
> Considering the recent discussions on what should be included in the 
> Xfce4 core desktop, and the touted changes (merging) for the CVS 
> modules, I was wondering if XFC would be better kept as a separate 
> Xfce sub-project, like Xfce Goodies, with its own CVS and web site 
> (possibly at, and its own release cycle. Since 
> XFC is a development library, its release cycle needs to be kept one 
> step ahead of the programmers that will use it. XFC will need to make 
> frequent alpha and beta releases independently of any Xfce4 release so 
> that its source code can reach a stable state.
> Does XFC really need to be is tightly integrated into Xfce4? The Xfce4 
> desktop wont actually use it. Can XFC get the usage that would be 
> needed to develop a stable source base if a stable XFC release only 
> occurred with every Xfce4 stable release. For example, the GNOME 
> platform bindings are developed separately but are released together 
> as a single package with every GNOME release.
> Regards,
> Jeff.
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