Status: An Xfce C++ language binding for GTK+

Jens Luedicke jens.luedicke at
Thu Feb 3 01:33:20 CET 2005

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Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
| Jeff Franks wrote:
|> With all the discussion lately about Xfce4 goals and directions, I was
|> wondering where this left me and my proposal for  an Xfce C++ language
|> binding for GTK+. Are you all still interested?  Silence can be
|> deathly and do strange things to your mind.
| I don't know about that, but 5 straight hours of meetings and conference
| calls does strange things to *my* mind.  To answer your question, I
| think it's a good idea, and I'd consider using it in my next project
| (whatever that may be), assuming C++ makes sense for it.  I believe
| someone was talking about rewriting something using XFC (maybe it was
| Jens and Filer?  I don't remember).  Who knows.  I think the bottom line
| is - if you want it to get used, you have to make it and release it.
| It's hard to generate interest for something when it's vaporware.  Of
| course, it sucks to create something that no one ends up using...

I thought about re-writing Filer in C, but its just a thought. I have
something that works for me and a couple of others and I'm lazy.

If someone wants some file-manager code (C++) to mess with I can provide
QtFiler :) Has no real features, just a twin-panel view to browse files.

I would definitly look at XFC once there is a semi-official version
around to test - but I don't have any real ideas for a new C++ based
project. I am the _perl_dude ... ;)

Its too damn late. I should be in bed ...

|    -b


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Jens Luedicke

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