VOTE: Move Xfcalendar to xfce-utils?

Auke Kok sofar at
Wed Feb 2 17:48:33 CET 2005

Benedikt Meurer wrote:

> Hello developers,
> Since the all-in-one threads don't produce any useful decision/result, 
> lets try to eliminate issues one-by-one, and use a very simple voting 
> systems, which everybody should be fine with.
> First, cleaning up CVS, starting with Xfcalendar:
> Somebody (I think it was Jasper, but dunno) suggested to remove 
> Xfcalendar from Xfce core (moving it to goodies or "applications"), my 
> suggestion was to merge it with xfce-utils (Xfcalendar is small, I 
> don't see a problem therein). So here goes the vote:
> ( ) Remove Xfcalendar from core
> ( ) Merge Xfcalendar with xfce-utils
> Every developer has one vote (Mickael has right to veto, since he's 
> the maintainer). Vote ends by sunday. If somebody knows a 3rd solution 
> how to handle Xfcalendar (e.g. merging it with xfwm4), speak now, and 
> the voting will be repeated. If there's a need for a lengthly debate, 
> the voting will be cancelled and restarted once the debate is over.
> Benedikt
> PS: Any objections against the voting system? 

I'm not gonna vote but I'd say remove from core, but keep in utils. it 
would fit my description of a good 'core' utility. depending on future 
development this might change tho!


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