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Michael Anckaert michael.anckaert at
Wed Feb 2 09:24:28 CET 2005

Op woensdag 2 februari 2005 03:56, schreef Rob:
> Hi Xfce development gurus,
> As a long-term user of Xfce (but an outsider when it
> comes to development of Xfce), I fear that Xfce is
> gradually moving towards a kind of bulkiness that
> reminds me of KDE or Gnome style WM.
> I expect Xfce to be small and fast.
> Xfce should manage my windows and stuff; I don't need
> an xf-terminal (i've got already xterm, rxvt,...),
> I also don't need an editor (I already use nedit),
> neither do I need a file manager (I've got rox for
> that), and so on and so on.
> To some extend such choices have been made for, for
> example, the screen-saver; xfce uses xscreensaver,
> instead of writing its own. I think that is more the
> way to go.
> Ah, well, that's my 2cents.
> Cheers,
> Rob.
I would personally like to see Xfce move towards the level of KDE/Gnome but 
that it would remain very modular. 

This way, the developpers could add every feature that they want, and it would 
still be the way you want. 
In your case, you would just install the panel, windowmager and taskbar.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With kind regards,
Michael Anckaert
<michael.anckaert at>

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