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El mar, 01-02-2005 a las 11:31 +0200, Peeter Vois escribió:
> Michael Anckaert wrote:
> >I've been thinking about a Database File System for a while.
> >You can read more about a dbfs at http://ozy.student.utwente.nl/projects/dbfs/
> >Maybe this can be incoorporated into Xfce? A deamon and a Gui widget that can 
> >be added to applications.
> >  
> >
> The idea looks good.
> I think that if it will be implemented, then the xffm should be able to 
> work in normal regime if there is no database server available or user 
> does want to use the old folder method. It is beacuse the database 
> method is good for documents but not for system files. I think that it 
> is not useful for development of software aswell. On the screenshot 
> http://ozy.student.utwente.nl/projects/dbfs/kdbfs.png the keywords looks 
> like folder tree. If the amount of information rasises in the system the 
> keywords will get as complex structure as current folder tree has and 
> basically less benefit as the old method.

Actually the bookmarks, frequent, recent, and trash are simple database
filesystems loaded from plugins (using dbh for database). The 4.2 plugin
method is unfinished (therefore very difficult to implemente new
plugins) but creating a plugin for (current CVS) is quite easy.
The requirement is a function to fill in a xfdir_t structure, which can
be done however the module pleases, such as using dbfs loading other
libraries. The API is not changing at the moment and is not documented,
but should be stabilized and documented by 4.3.1. 



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