GTK+ target version [WAS Re: new dev branch stuff]

Peeter Vois peeter.vois at
Tue Feb 1 10:43:49 CET 2005

I would add that the xftree for XFCE3 was more convenient than current 
xffm is. One thing that disturbs is that there is currently too much 
paned views. There is message area, that would be with popups littlebit 
better. If the two treeviews are shown on neighbour panes then the feel 
becomes even more fuzzy. One thing that disturbs is that when I choosed 
to use from /fstab/cdrom/a_catalog with double click, then the root 
leafs of the treeview are preserved. I would like to have them disappear 
and only things below the fstab/cdrom/a_catalog will remain.

I sent another mail that will present how to add some more usability to 
the UI of xffm.


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