xfce_icon_theme -> gtk_icon_theme?

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Thu Dec 29 11:17:37 CET 2005

Brian J. Tarricone schreef:
> 2.  Stop using XfceIconTheme entirely, and instead use the
> xfce_themed_icon_*() functions in libxfcegui4/icons.h, which can be
> modified to use GtkIconTheme instead of XfceIconTheme (which needs to be
> done anyway, as there are some apps that use these instead of
> XfceIconTheme directly).
> Personally I prefer #2.  We don't really need our own icon theme object
> anymore, and the wrapper functions can serve to tweak search paths, add
> fallback functionality as needed, etc.  We can deprecate XfceIconTheme
> and only have one thing (the functions in icons.h) to worry about.

That sounds good to me.

> As for the icon naming spec, I have no problem adding the new icon names
> to the list lookup.  That's pretty easy to do.
> Overall, unless someone has some time on their hands (yeah, right), I'd
> suggest leaving the icon theming stuff as-is until 4.6.  It'll take a
> bit of work and testing time that could be spent elsewhere.

I have to agree with that as well, unfortunately.


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