xfce roadmap

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Fri Dec 23 19:08:57 CET 2005

daniele favara wrote:
> 3) Thunar
> the best fm manager i've ever tried out, and it's still under development.
> few Questions about thunar:
> - will it integrate a CTRL+/ to browse the paths as rox ?
> - will it integrate a CTRL+! to run apps as rox ?

IIRC, that's SHIFT+/ and SHIFT+! (well, depends on your keymap).
Anyways, I think I said this several times already: The idea is not to
clone ROX. In the end, it should be easy to use (intuitive for the
average user, not necessarily intuitive for a RiscOS user) and fast. So
don't expect too many exotic ROX-features in Thunar. There's CTRL+L to
specify paths directly (autocompletion is missing right now, but it'll
be there when its released), and you can use several ways to tell Thunar
about applications you want to be able to run (the easiest is probably
to just use the thunar-uca plugin).

> - will it (u)mount even devices ? and will it even p(u)mount ?

Not yet, but yes (well, it actually depends on the volume manager
implementation for the specific platform).


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