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I know it's generally not a good idea to bring up such ideas, but have
you heard of Xubuntu? Your efforts would be much better spent over
there. See here: wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu .
They don't have a Live CD AFAIK, so you'd be in for  a job opening :)
. And the manpower and expertise would be more than welcome.

On 12/23/05, daniele favara <danjele at gmail.com> wrote:
>  would say, first of all, thanks for developing the cool xfce DM.
> i choose xfce4 as the dm of my project for many reasons, and mainly
> because it's just perfect for a live cd.
> Now that the "core" stuff is almost done i would start working to make
> the whole livecd more user friendly as possible, but i need to know
> what to put on my todo list and with what priority.
> 1) desktop icons
> Someone told me that xfce4 devels don't like them, i personally don't
> need them but an user that boot for the first time in xfce4 will be
> lost i think.
> I don't like for example the kde and gnome idea of using the Desktop
> as the user home ... that's windows i think :). GNU/Linux has $HOME.
> So with desktop icons i don't mean $HOME/Desktop stuff, and i don't
> mean nether application icons ... there is the menu, even if in some
> cases it can be useful to have them.
> I mean desktop icons for devices.
> In my project i was using an ivman plugin that when a new device is
> plugged (firewire|usb|camera for ex.) a new icon is added to the root
> window, that's done using an hacked xtdesktop.
> Then i found the cool notification-daemon, that can even show messages
> communicating with hal and d-bus.
> So i  wrote a notify.py script to use with ivman.
> - the user plugs the device
> - hal find it
> - ivam acts and run:
>  - ivmanicons (to draw the desktop icon)
>  - notify.py (to notify to user what's happening )
>     -  popup message saying a new dev has been plugged + mount point
>     -  thunar launched on mount point
> then i discovered hal-device-manager has most of the code neded to
> write a python volume manager ... and i did it.
> i integrated notify.py and i'll start soon to let the user to define
> the rules from an xml file as udev (and ivman)  , at the moment the
> rules and actions are hard coded.
> As the desktop icons are an important point here i would know if xfce
> will draw them and how. If it will i'll stop working on that hacked
> xtdesktop and i'll concentrate on other stuff.
> 2) Xfedesktop and the root window
> i really love xfce4 but let me say ... I hate xfdesktop, esetroot is a
> small app and can control the root window much better.
> What are your plans about this ?
> 3) Thunar
> the best fm manager i've ever tried out, and it's still under development.
> few Questions about thunar:
> - will it integrate a CTRL+/ to browse the paths as rox ?
> - will it integrate a CTRL+! to run apps as rox ?
> - will it (u)mount even devices ? and will it even p(u)mount ?
> 4) Xfmedia
> for a volume manager it would be really nice to play directly a dvd or
> audio-cd with xfmedia, i didn't find any option to do this.
> - will it be possible ?
> my project is really new, but i've already had some good results, i
> would continue using xfce4 as dm, to see it improving and help where i
> can.
> these are some links ... i'm waiting that ibiblio sets up the VHOST,
> and i'm remaking the whole site:
> http://dsslive.org [at the moment not working]
> http://dss.berlios.de/flat/ [the old one]
> http://www.dsslive.org.test.ibiblio.org/mediawiki/ [the new one]
> and here a screenshot:
> http://www.dsslive.org.test.ibiblio.org/mediawiki/images/Dsslive-desktop.png
> ciao
> df
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