Building trunk on FreeBSD

Pau Rul·lan Ferragut pau at
Wed Dec 21 01:28:28 CET 2005

On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 12:05:28AM +0100, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> >>>GTK_DOC_CHECK(1.0)
> > 
> > IIRC, you need to have gtk-doc installed to build SVN, regardless of
> > whether or not you want to generate the API documentation or not.  It's
> > an unfortunate limitation, but one we have to live with right now.
> You don't really need gtk-doc, but you'll need gtk-doc.m4 available to
> aclocal. The easiest way to do this with xfce4-dev-tools is:
> mkdirhier ~/.local/share/xfce4/dev-tools/m4macros
> cp gtk-doc.m4 ~/.local/share/xfce4/dev-tools/m4macros
> Other candidates would be glib-gettext.m4, intltool.m4 and pkg.m4.

yes, this helped a little. I copied too the /usr/local/share/aclocal/*
into there. Now I can build some of them.

Even that, the problem now comes with path:

*** The required package libxfce4util-1.0 was not found on your system.
*** Please install libxfce4util-1.0 (atleast version 4.3.0) or adjust
*** the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
*** installed the package in a nonstandard prefix so that
*** pkg-config is able to find it.

the ./autogen && make && sudo make install with trunk/libxfce4util went OK

what I am doing wrong now?


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