Panel Settings Dialog (again)

Stefan Stuhr xfce4devlist at
Mon Dec 19 20:16:59 CET 2005

Stefan Stuhr wrote:
> I also have a problem with the plugin screen shots being centred
> horizontally behind the GTK2 drag cursor, and the cursor point of the
> drag cursor being the top left corner of the screen shot. This fix
> (use
> your patch first) helps (I don't know how to make real patches,
> sorry):
> Change line 466 in panel.c from:
>         gtk_drag_set_icon_pixbuf (drag_context, pb, 0, 0);
> to:
>         gtk_drag_set_icon_pixbuf (drag_context, pb, -1, -1); 

Now this seems to only work with the clock plugin, not the launchers or
the pager...

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