Panel Settings Dialog (again)

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Dec 19 17:27:52 CET 2005

Jani Monoses schreef:
>> Please tell me what you think.
> A few observations:
> - xfce4-mixer is grabbing the right click to zero the volume so the menu
> does not show up. The panel may not do anything here, just mentioning it.

/me frowns at Danny: don't do that

> - the properties text in the menu would be more informative if it said
> 'launcher properties' or 'systray properties'.

There's a bit of a i18n issue with that (I only can get the plugin name, 
but that is not always the right form in this situation). Alternatively 
I could add a title, which makes the menu a bit too big IMO.

> It is sometime hard to know which plugin the mouse is over especially
> near the systray, since plugins are touching eachother unless a
> separator is explicitely put in.(gnome-panel allows unused spaces and
> free placements for the plugins which can make it look a bit unorganized
> but also helps in quickly getting at a plugin if it's by itself and not
> stuck to others in both sides)
> - move DnD is nice but the dragged image has the part of the context
> menu screenshot in it at least here :) 

Wow, I've never seen that. Not sure if that can easily be fixed. Would 
you mind creating a bug report for that in bugzilla?

> I liked 4.2 moving better but
> this in turn is a lot better IMHO than moving only while the customize
> panel window is open as it previously was.

The 4.2 way is not possible with the current plugin API and I don't 
really like to change that.

> -I found it a bit confusing that the whole panel is occupied by the
> tasklist plugin if that is added, but can get used to it. Maybe a border
> around it as in systray would be more intuitive.

But it would work less nicely, since you couldn't move the mouse to the 
screen edge to hit a task button.

> Keep up the good work!

Thanks ;-)


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