Panel Settings Dialog

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Sat Dec 17 11:21:33 CET 2005


Jannis Pohlmann schrieb:
> Hey Jasper,
> Jasper Huijsmans schrieb:
>>Hi all,
>>I have just committed an alternative implementation for the panel 
>>settings dialog. Maybe some of you could have a look and tell me what 
>>you think.
> [ ] Drag and drop only (previous dialog).
> [x] Indirect manipulation + drag and drop (new dialog).
> Personally, I loved the dialog we had in 4.2, because it was very
> simple. I think this new dialog is a good step towards a mixture of both
> - the old button-driven customization and the new drag and drop solution.
> Some thoughts I had when testing the new dialog:
>   1. The remove button doesn't work here. Well, that's not much of a
>      thought, it's more of noticing a bug

Okay, works now. Thanks for the fix.

BTW, I noticed the "are you sure?" dialog popping up near to the item in
the panel. With the new dialog it might make more sense to make it
visible in the center of the screen, don't you think? There's this rule
saying that a person only has very limited view (size/radius, not sure
how to explain this) on screen and this dialog is appearing totally
outside of it, so it takes a lot more time to get aware it was opened.


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