Panel Settings Dialog

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Sat Dec 17 00:23:29 CET 2005

Hey Jasper,

Jasper Huijsmans schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I have just committed an alternative implementation for the panel 
> settings dialog. Maybe some of you could have a look and tell me what 
> you think.

[ ] Drag and drop only (previous dialog).
[x] Indirect manipulation + drag and drop (new dialog).

Personally, I loved the dialog we had in 4.2, because it was very
simple. I think this new dialog is a good step towards a mixture of both
- the old button-driven customization and the new drag and drop solution.

Some thoughts I had when testing the new dialog:

  1. The remove button doesn't work here. Well, that's not much of a
     thought, it's more of noticing a bug
  2. I'd love to be able to drag panel items inside of the list. The
     up-down-buttons are cool, but being able to drag the items around
     in addition to that would be even cooler
  3. A context (right-click) menu for the item list would be nice. Some
     people (including myself) prefer to use that instead of the
     add/remove buttons
  4. I wonder why the remove-on-drag only works after you entered the
     add item (sub-)dialog. It should be possible to drag items from
     the panel into the dialog in order to remove them.
  5. An idea which just came to my mind: Why not add a (somewhat) large
     (closed) trash icon in the dilaog (on the right side of the list)
     which shows an opened trash as soon as you drag items over it? This
     would be a quite notable visual indicator for the removal. Wouldn't
     this make the drag-feature more obvious?

Regards (and please excuse my complicated English once more ...),

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