Goodies website [Was: Re: Return of the Panel Maintainer]

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Wed Dec 14 14:03:20 CET 2005

masse nicolas schreef:
> Yes, as usual. This is why I would like to edit this wiki and make it 
> becoming the new xfce-goodies site. Because we also need someone to do 
> the job of maintening  the site, and nobody seems to do this currently.
> Even if I have less time this year than before (I had my diploma and 
> found a job 2 month ago :-) ), I think I can find some in order to do so. 
> Also, a wiki is a good idea since it can be easily edited by anyone. 
> I can also edit the current one, but that's just (quite a lot) harder 
> (say need more time) to do.
> bountykiller.

Damn, I'm replying to a mail from 28 november. Sorry for not doing so 

For what it's worth, I think you would be a perfect candidate to 
maintain/set up the goodies web site! Maybe some other (active) goodies 
developers could help out.

This month, due to many social obligations, I will be away for much of 
the time, so it may not be the best time to do a full transition from 
berlios to the new Xfce server (website and svn).

My suggestion would be to do this at the start of January and it would 
be great if we could get better cooperation between the websites of 
different subprojects and maybe even a Xfce web team with a few people 
that can spend some time on improving the navigation and layout of all 
Xfce sites.

Of course if other people have a lot of time and are willing to work on 
this, we should move forward as soon as possible ;-)


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