4.4 ETA?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Dec 5 13:38:35 CET 2005

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Biju Chacko wrote:
> Jani Monoses wrote:
>>>Sorry, but there is one and only one xfce, it's the one that is hosted 
>>>in xfce svn. I don't plan to support anything else.
>>I'll rephrase the question:
>>is xfdesktop in current svn based on/the same code as what the xfld
>>distro had and what ubuntu currently uses?
>>In svn  Jasper, Benny and Brian are all mentioned in AUTHORS.
> My understanding is that xfdesktop is going to be pretty much exactly 
> the same as it is in 4.2.

Bzzt!  I'm sorry, please try again ^_~.  See my other email.

> It seems likely that xfdesktop will get superceded by a file manager 
> based desktop manager in future releases, so Brian is naturally not very 
> interested in putting in much more effort in it.

I still think there are enough people (such as myself) who don't care
for desktop icons, so I think it'll still have some use yet.  (I know
I've said basically what you just said in the past, but I had a change
of heart several months ago.)  I'll continue to maintain and support it,
but I really don't see the use of adding too many more features.
xfdesktop should remain the "light" alternative.

> The main difference between the os-works xfdesktop and the one in svn is 
> in the menu handling. Brian has indicated that he would be ready to 
> accept patches to port that across but that he isn't interested in doing 
> it himself.

Indeed.  I'm still waiting for those patches ^_~.


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